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 “Norma Samra was always readily available to speak to me. She did what I asked of her and took care of matters that were pretty foreign and nerve-wracking to me. She is a family woman and understood my perspective as it related to my requests regarding my children. I never felt like a client…I was listened to, given professional knowledge, and given reassurances that my legal needs were also being taken care of."


“A divorce can be a very stressful and extremely difficult process, but my attorney, Norma, was very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. After my initial consultation, I felt that she was the right one to handle my case. She was exactly what I needed during this rough time and she exceeded all my expectations. My experience with her during this process was excellent. Norma always took immediate action whenever I had any questions (day or night) with much patience, compassion and understanding. She’s extremely efficient and reliable in getting paperwork done and processed, and she would always keep you informed. With her, you will have a strong legal counsel to represent and protect your best interest. I thank you Norma for your calming attitude, timeliness, and thoroughness. You were extremely helpful and supportive. You will always have my gratitude and appreciation on everything you do. You’re a highly respected lawyer and I would certainly recommend you and your services to others."


“My husband and I contacted Norma Samra in the fall of 2009 with some legal questions. She was very professional and treated us with respect. We had the need to contact her a month or so later with some additional questions and felt we received the same level of respect and professionalism."


“I hired Norma Samra to provide legal services involving Child Custody/Visitation and Dissolution. I was impressed with her patience and abilities. She is ethical, friendly, hardworking, and an invaluable source of information. I found her services more than
satisfactory and have no hesitation in recommending her."


“I highly recommend the Law Office of Norma Samra. My divorce should have been cut & dry. It was not. Unfortunately, as divorces can go, my ex decided to be difficult and not cooperate. Norma never gave up or let me down, but gave me the strength to persevere and stay focused. Not once did I speak with Norma that she was not always concerned for my well being & safety. My divorce took well over a year. Every court date Norma set up my ex decided he would not show up. The result was setting a date for a ‘trial’. With Norma’s advice she told me exactly what to do to win and win we did! I came out far ahead of my expectations because of my attorney’s advice and knowledge. Thank you Norma for the care, concern and expertise you gave to me. I may have married the wrong person, but I did pick the right attorney!"


“I first met Norma Samra through a referral from a benefit offered by my employer for legal services. I left a message at Norma’s office. Having had no experience with the service or any contact with Norma before, I was unsure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when she returned my call that evening. I figured she would briefly acknowledge my call and schedule sometime in the future to talk. Instead she took the time to find out what I needed help with, in detail; then proceeded to give immediate advice! If you have ever found yourself in need of legal help, you know how uncomfortable it can be not knowing where you stand or how to protect yourself. Norma’s prompt return call, calm/pointed questioning, direct and concise responses and obvious knowledge of the legal system gave me instant confidence in her. She didn’t fill me full of false hope. She didn’t force me to pay a high retainer fee to learn my options. She simply laid out what might occur, how I could address it and how she could help me – then she did help me.

A few years later I found myself again in need of legal assistance. I again went thru my employee benefit program. I was referred to a different attorney. I left my message expecting a return call the same day. Not so. I waited the 48 business hours as told to do; still nothing. I called the attorney again. My initial message was nowhere to be found. I was told I must physically meet with the attorney for a face to face consultation; and the next opening was in two weeks. I called the benefit program, was Norma still a member? Surely an attorney of this caliber was long gone. . . She was still a member! I placed my call, left my message, and again, received a prompt call back that evening. Norma remembered me. She asked about my family, how were things going since our last contact? Just like that she stepped right back into that calm, understanding role that had given me such confidence in her before. Again, she didn’t put me off to another day but asked all the right questions and laid out my options.If I ever find myself in a position to need legal services again, I will turn immediately to Norma for her calm sensibility, prompt response, professional yet caring demeanor and outstanding knowledge of the legal system. Thanks Norma for being there for me, again!"



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